Prayers (related to ‘Holy Habits’)

Discipleship for the whole of life

Father God,
help me take in that discipleship is for all of life.

It is for the dominant and the submissive,
for the angry and for the calm.
For the violent and the peaceful.
For times when we struggle to obey God
and times when His presence leads us.
For far off places
and in the bustling city close at hand.
For the crowded fellowship and the self alone.




Thought of as one of the most challenging habits, ‘Giving’ may also be the hardest to pray well.

God of abundant creation,
still our thoughts and make us listeners to your guidance.

Living in a rich society giving makes many challenges,
help us to see the variety of giving:
giving of time to help, or our expertise,
giving of what we have left over in goods or space,
giving so that charities can do their work
or giving in person to those in need.

Guard us when appeals are directed at us.
Keep us full of compassion.
Take away manipulation of our guilty feelings
and open us to the specific giving you have called us to do.

Grow in us a spirit of generosity and sharing.



These prayer prepared by © Richard Turnbull 2018

Prayer – PowerPoints

Requests for week beginning Sunday 9 December 2018
  • Please pray for Messy Christmas at Charlton URC, the first time that the usual messy church has moved from a Tuesday to a Sunday (9th)
  • Please pray for the final few months in the handover as Administrator of the Romans One Eleven Trust. Chris Copley retires on 1st April 2019 and is succeeded by Jackie Woodley, who is already taking over some of the tasks. Pray for both Chris and Jackie, as well as for the other trustees (especially Jon Sermon, the chairman), as this fairly complex handover is managed.
  • Please pray for Christmas Outreach events in Rhyl on the 10th.