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These introductory articles can be printed as standalone flyers, or included within a church magazine, to promote prayer for the Walking the Way initiative. Choose from:-

Food For Thought

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Prayer – PowerPoints

Requests for week beginning Sunday 9 December 2018
  • Please pray for Messy Christmas at Charlton URC, the first time that the usual messy church has moved from a Tuesday to a Sunday (9th)
  • Please pray for the final few months in the handover as Administrator of the Romans One Eleven Trust. Chris Copley retires on 1st April 2019 and is succeeded by Jackie Woodley, who is already taking over some of the tasks. Pray for both Chris and Jackie, as well as for the other trustees (especially Jon Sermon, the chairman), as this fairly complex handover is managed.
  • Please pray for Christmas Outreach events in Rhyl on the 10th.