About us

This is a prayer initiative from GEAR - the Group for Evangelism And Renewal within the United Reformed Church. Since the foundation of the URC we have tried to facilitate prayer for the denomination. This is not an 'official' URC site but, like all GEAR resources, it is offered in service of the denomination to which we belong. Who would not be grateful for the prayers of fellow Christians, especially those who are part of the same church?


For many years we called the church to prayer in preparation for the (then annual) General Assemblies, until more recently when this was undertaken by the URC centrally.


Similarly we continue to drawn together prayer requests from around the denomination and share them via PowerPoints, a two-page feature within the In GEAR magazine. This is available free of charge throughout the URC to all who wish to receive a copy.


General Assembly in 2016 adopted Walking the Way, living the life of Jesus today! as a major emphasis in the life of our Church - a new process to refresh and grow members' and churches' habits of discipleship and mission. We welcome this emphasis, and believe the best way to support it at the moment is through fostering prayer. This was the catalyst for this website. We hope it will help to deepen and broaden prayer for the project, so that it is goes beyond human wisdom and is rooted in God's revelation and inspiration.


If you would like more information about GEAR itself, visit our website www.gear.org.uk


PowerPoints prayer requests

Week beginning Sunday 15 July 2018

  • Please pray for the Retired Ministers' Housing Society reviewing their regulations and good practice at an away day in July.
  • Please pray for our church partners in Madagascar, Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar, celebrating 200 years of the gospel in their land - brought from Wales in 1818
  • Please cover in prayer the prayer event at Cornerstone URC, Hythe and Sally Willett leading on 21st
  • Please pray for continuing work on the new database at Church House bringing improved record keeping.