This is a call…

…an invitation to put into practice
the privilege and power of prayer.

It comes as a resource from, and for, members and ministers of the United Reformed Church (URC) who believe that prayer makes a difference.

It is freely offered with open hands – you are welcome and encouraged to make use of everything on this site to inform, enthuse, encourage and facilitate prayer. Adapt them. Use them personally, in small groups, or in congregational prayers.


It is focussed on the URC in several ways:-


  • Strategic prayer for the plans and preparations for ‘Walking the Way – Living the life of Jesus today‘ – a major emphasis on discipleship for the denomination
  • Prayers for congregations, synods, events and personnel (as requested and published in the ‘PowerPoints‘ prayer resource)
  • Prayer Blog for personnel with significant denominational leadership roles, including the Assembly Moderators and General Secretariat (as requested by the people themselves)

Prayer – PowerPoints

Requests for week beginning Sunday 17 February 2019
  • Please pray for the URC's Trustees meeting on February 19th.
  • Please pray for preparations for the Midlands Dunamis track starting in April. The first event will be “Gateways to Empowered Ministry”. Pray for good teamwork and communication.
  • Please pray for “God's Heart for Longbridge” work in the Extra Care Village & the shopping area.